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Patient Advocacy

Lung cancer treatment is at a critical turning point, with scientific advances helping patients live longer and healthier lives. However, the stigma of lung cancer, along with insufficient research funding, still persists.

But you can help. 

Become a patient advocate and get involved
in changing the culture of lung cancer.

The IASLC is proud to support and collaborate with individual advocates and advocacy organizations from all over world.

Through this important work, greater awareness for lung cancer can be raised, more robust funding for research can be generated and public opinion can be shifted toward a more humane, compassionate and supportive outlook on lung cancer patients and their loved ones. 

If you have questions on IASLC advocacy opportunities, please reach out to

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The IASLC offers complimentary memberships to patients, survivors and caregivers. 

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IASLC Meetings and Patient Advocacy

Advocates.IIEducational meetings focusing on lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies serve as a cornerstone of the IASLC's work. The association believes fully that, in order to maximize a meeting's potential, all members of the lung cancer community must be included and play an active role in shaping the event's character and content. 

In order to accomplish this and ensure that its meetings are as inclusive as possible, the IASLC provides a variety of resources to assist advocates in participating in its meetings. These resources take the form of advocacy-specific meeting tracks, as well as funding opportunities to offset the costs of registration and travel. 

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The IASLC Supportive Training for Advocates on Research & Science (STARS) program aims to train and develop lung cancer patient research advocates (PRAs) in the science and realities of lung cancer research.


Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM)

The IASLC is a proud part of the LCAM Coalition, a group of leading international research and advocacy organizations that partner each November in an effort to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients across the world.

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