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Official IASLC Policies


IASLC's official policies safeguard the integrity and reputation of the association and its programs, including policies pertaining to potential conflicts of interest, market research, organizational structure, use of members' personal data and other issues.

Questions pertaining to IASLC policies or organizational structure can be directed to  info@iaslc.org

IASLC's Organizational Structure 


Additional Policies


Privacy Policy

To provide all members and conference participants with quality service, the IASLC must collect, process and use its members’ personal information. At the same time, we want to protect the personal information members provide to us. To underscore the IASLC’s commitment to protecting member privacy and the value we place on their relationship with us, the association has adopted the following privacy principles applicable to our handling of personal information.
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Conflict of Interest

The integrity and reputation of the IASLC and its programs relies on the avoidance of real or perceived conflicts of interest.

The IASLC is determined to provide scientific independence, objectivity and rigor to its educational activities through processes, including appropriate disclosure of real, potential or perceived conflicts of interests. The following policy has been designed to harmonize with the standards of other international organizations dedicated to progress in cancer care and research. This policy document enables a framework for the IASLC and its Ethics Committee to manage any disclosures of interests that might be construed as resulting in real, potential or perceived conflicts.

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Market Research

Market research companies must complete the "Market Research Submission" form. The request must include the name of the firm for which the company is conducting research and the reason for the research. The requesting firm must certify that the research will be conducted in accordance with all applicable legal requirements, indicate whether any remuneration will be provided to participants and whether any identifiable information will be collected. 



The following documents outline the terms and conditions of membership and online member registration. View membership terms and conditions.