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International Lung Cancer Foundation

The International Lung Cancer Foundation envisions a world where people who are diagnosed with lung cancer gain hope through increased and improved treatment options resulting from scientific advances. 

Together, we can further lung cancer research to help patients with lung cancer enjoy an improved quality of life. 



Our Mission

The International Lung Cancer Foundation aims to accelerate the pace of thoracic malignancy research, to inspire researchers to focus their careers on lung cancer and to reduce the worldwide lung cancer mortality rate.

Our Impact

By funding research awards, the International Lung Cancer Foundation helps educate the next generation of lung cancer physicians and scientists who will continue to discover new diagnostics and treatments. 

We have big goals, but with the support of the IASLC membership, corporations, private foundations, patients with lung cancer and family members, we will meet this challenge. We will inspire hope through research!


Our History

Established in 2014, the International Lung Cancer Foundation continues to support the funding of research fellowships and young investigator awards focused on lung cancer.  

If you have questions about fellowships, sponsorships, donations or other research awards, please contact 

International Lung Cancer Foundation Information and Programs

Every dollar donated to the International Lung Cancer Foundation goes to support researchers across the world working to advance science and ultimately provide a cure for lung cancer.


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