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From spearheading the development of scientific projects to helping plan annual IASLC conferences and events, IASLC committees and the members who participate in them are crucial to the association's success in combating thoracic cancers. 

IASLC Committees

One of the unique benefits of an IASLC membership is the opportunity to serve on an IASLC committee in a volunteer capacity. IASLC committee members contribute their specialized skills and talents to help shape the work of the organization, developing educational content, shaping the association's messaging, planning annual meetings, contributing to publications authored by the IASLC and more. 

Committees are accountable to the IASLC Board of Directors, and each committee has a chair (or co-chairs), a board liaison and a staff liaison. Active IASLC members can nominate themselves for a committee position during the open nomination period. All nominees need an active member to sponsor their application and must submit a completed nomination form and a copy of their C.V. to the selection committee.


IASLC Committees 2019-2021

IASLC Task Forces 2019-2021

Highlighted Committees

Pathology Committee Mission Statement: 

To advance clinical management, education and research for the IASLC, in relation to the pathology of thoracic cancers, the functions of the IASLC Pathology Committee include:

  • Developing new ideas on improving the pathological classification of thoracic malignancies.
  • Conducting studies and developing criteria that lead to greater accuracy of tumor diagnosis by pathologists worldwide.
  • Developing standards and reference materials for molecular testing that are becoming necessary for personalizing patient treatment with new targeted therapies in lung cancer.




Pathology Committee Projects: 

  • Adenocarcinoma Grading Project
  • Assessment of Immune-Related Biomarkers
  • Cytology
  • Diagnostic IHC Recommendations
  • Invasion and Micro-Staging Reproducibility Study on Small Size Adenocarcinoma
  • Major Pathological Response to Neoadjuvant Therapies
  • Staging of Multiple Nodules Using Molecular Tools
  • Staging R Factors Working Group

Find out more about the IASLC Pathology Committee on its homepage, where you will link to helpful resources and much more. 



The IASLC Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Committee

Nurses and Allied Health Professionals include: statisticians/bio-statisticians, case managers, clinical nurse specialists, dentists, dieticians and nutritionists, infusion nurses, lung cancer nurse specialists, nurse navigators, nurses, occupational therapists, palliative care nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, physiotherapists, radiation oncology nurses, radiation technologists, respiratory therapists, psychologists, social workers, speech and language therapists, and surgical nursing specialists.

Mission Statement: To advance clinical management, education and research for the IASLC, in relation to the diagnosis, care, treatment, and support of thoracic cancers. The functions of the IASLC NAHP Committee include:

IASLC Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Committee

IASLC Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Committee Projects:

  • Developing education materials such as webinars and resource guides to support nurses and allied health professionals in their delivery of multi-disciplinary lung cancer care
  • Guidance for management of side effects during immunotherapy
  • Educational programs and mentorships for career development NAHP Committee Activities
  • School of Nursing at IASLC Latin America Conference to train local nurses on better outcomes for lung cancer patients
  • Scholarships to fund International Mentorship Program for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
  • Lectureship Awards for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals for the WCLC
  • Videos and tip sheets to demonstrate the value of Allied Health Professionals as an integral part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Support for clinicians in managing fear of progression and survivorship in lung cancer

The IASLC Screening and Early Detection Committee

The IASLC Screening and Early Detection Committee works to advance screening and early detection programs and research across the globe. They are a multi-disciplinary group composed of leaders from medical oncology, nursing, radiology, thoracic surgery, pulmonary medicine, basic science and advocacy organizations. They boast representation from the US, Europe, Asia, South America and Israel. They meet monthly via teleconference.

IASLC Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Committee

The IASLC Screening and Early Detection Committee - Ongoing Projects:

  • Screening Symposium and Workshop at WCLC 2019
  • Biomarkers in Lung Cancer Screening Webinar

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Screening Workshop and Series were a success at WCLC 2018
  • Biomarkers in lung cancer screening: achievements, promises and challenges published in JTO | Publication date: March 2019
  • Successful webinar series focused on screening
    - "Implementation of LC Screening on a National Level" – March 5, 2019 | Dr. Witold Rzyman
    - "Lung Cancer Screening Using LDCT – Emphasizing Radiology Quality Assurance" – March 28, 2019 | Drs. Heidi Schmidt and Micheal McInnis